Cashier's Report Envelopes (Expandable) MT230EX
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Technical Details

Size  5 1/2" x 9 3/8" x 1"
Open End Envelope Style
250 Envelopes per Box. 
Cashier Report printed in Black Ink on one Side 
Gummed Flap
Heavy Brown Kraft Paper 
Made in USA
Product Description

This Mega Envelope is your solution if you have a lot of Items to drop.It has a 1" Side Expansion to give you more room to Load all  your Checks, Reports & Cash. Excellent Envelope for Cashiers with a Detailed Cash Report on one Side. Gummed Flap to Seal all Enclosed Cash & Records.

  • Item #: MT230EX

Cashier's Report Envelopes (Expandable) MT230EX

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